Beautiful Women Japanese Prints Colorin

Beautiful Women Japanese Prints Colorin

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Featuring elegant woodblock prints of beautiful Japanese women, this adult coloring book is the perfect stress-reliever for fans of Japanese fashion and art.

Beautiful Women Japanese Prints Coloring Book celebrates 200 years of women in Japanese art-from the ukiyo-e woodblock prints of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century traditional Japan to modern shin hanga prints of the early twentieth-centry jazz era. This lavish fine art coloring book features 22 images of women from all walks of life-from court ladies to housewives-at work, at play and in contemplation. Like women the world over, they are dynamic as well as beautiful.Ê

With a wonderful section of prints of varying artistic complexity, this book is the perfect way to enjoy a slice of Japan's rich culture while having fun with coloring art. When your masterpiece is complete, tear it out at the perforation to frame and display.Ê

A copy of the richly colored original print sits opposite your "canvas" to use as a reference, if desired.
Each print is accompanied by a fascinating introduction to the context or the artist behind the original work.
Every page is perforated for easy framing and display.

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